Optimize Windows System Performance Using Revo Uninstaller

Published:11 September 2023 - 5 min. read

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Maintaining your Windows environment in peak condition is essential for consistent performance. But what’s your go-to method? Simple file deletion or basic software removal might be your current practices. Yet, what if you want a comprehensive and secure cleanup? Enter Revo Uninstaller, your all-in-one solution.

Revo Uninstaller is not just a software uninstaller; it’s a comprehensive system cleaner that ensures every trace of a program—be it files, folders, or registry entries—is entirely eradicated from your system.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve deep into how Revo Uninstaller can be your ultimate tool for keeping your Windows OS immaculate. Let’s explore its myriad features together.

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What You’ll Need

Before diving into this tutorial, ensure you meet the following prerequisites:

  • A Windows 10 System – This tutorial is primarily based on Windows 10, but the techniques are applicable to Windows 7 and above.
  • Revo Uninstaller – Download and install the latest version. We recommend using the Pro version for an extended feature set.
  • Google Chrome – Utilized here for demonstrating browser extension removal. Download Chrome if you haven’t yet.

Uninstalling Standard Software

Although Windows 10 has its native ways to remove programs, Revo Uninstaller ups the game by allowing you to create Restore Points and Registry Backups for an added layer of security.

Let’s walk through the process of how Revo Uninstaller efficiently removes a typical application.

Eliminating a Single Application

Removing a single application with Revo Uninstaller is straightforward, but what sets it apart is its customizable options for file and registry cleanup.

To proceed with the uninstallation:

1. Open Revo Uninstaller and select the All Programs tab on the left panel, as illustrated below.

2. Choose the program you wish to uninstall and hit the Uninstall button located at the upper section of the left panel.

revo uninstaller - Uninstall Regular Program
Uninstall Regular Program

3. A confirmation dialog will appear, ensuring that options for creating a Restore Point and Registry Backup are enabled. Click Continue.

Confirm Uninstalling Program
Confirm Uninstalling Program

4. After the backup processes, the program’s native uninstaller will execute. Once completed, click Continue to proceed with registry scanning.

Default Program Uninstaller
Default Program Uninstaller

5. A list of residual registry items will appear. Select the items you want to remove and hit Delete. Continue by clicking Next to identify leftover files and folders.

Avoid deleting Registry Keys highlighted in red as they may affect other applications. Only remove the bolded black labels.

Delete Leftover Registry Items
Delete Leftover Registry Items

6. Finally, a list of remaining files and folders will display. Select the items you wish to delete and click Delete. Finalize by clicking Finish.

Delete Left Over Files and Folders
Delete Left Over Files and Folders

When you uninstall multiple applications, Revo Uninstaller automatically removes the leftovers without manual intervention. By default, all backups are stored in C:\Users\%UserName%\AppData\Local\VS Revo Group\Revo Uninstaller Pro\BackUpsData\

Eradicating Built-in Windows Apps with Revo Uninstaller

In the age of bloatware, many PCs come with pre-installed software that’s nearly impossible to remove through standard means. Fortunately, Revo Uninstaller introduces a feature that lets you efficiently remove any built-in Windows applications.

For removing a Windows App using Revo Uninstaller, follow these simple steps:

1. Click the Windows Apps tab on the left panel, as displayed below.

2. Choose the Windows App you want to uninstall and click on the Uninstall button.

Uninstalling Windows Apps
Uninstalling Windows Apps

3. Instead of using the app’s default uninstaller, Revo Uninstaller employs a PowerShell script to perform the removal, as seen below.

PowerShell Script for Removing Windows Apps
PowerShell Script for Removing Windows Apps

4. After PowerShell completes the uninstallation, click the Scan button to search for remaining files, folders, and registry entries. The rest of the process mirrors that of uninstalling standard software.

Scanning for Residual Files, Folders, and Registry Items
Scanning for Residual Files, Folders, and Registry Items

Uninstalling built-in apps is just one of the many capabilities that make Revo Uninstaller a versatile tool. Read on to learn how to remove unlisted or problematic programs using Revo Uninstaller.

Dealing with Troublesome Applications

Encounter a stubborn program that refuses to be removed by conventional means? Revo Uninstaller’s Forced Uninstall feature has got you covered.

Uninstallation Error
Uninstallation Error

Revo Uninstaller’s Forced Uninstall feature is designed to handle problematic uninstallations, including corrupted installations and incomplete uninstall processes. Here’s how to use it:

1. Go to the All Programs section and click on Forced Uninstall. A dialog box will appear.

Initiating Forced Uninstall
Initiating Forced Uninstall

2. In the dialog box, you have two options: either type the exact name of the program in the textbox labeled Program’s exact name, or use the Browse for button to locate the program’s executable (.exe) file.

  1. After locating the program, deselect the Run the selected built-in uninstaller option.
  2. Select Advanced under Scanning Modes. This allows you to customize which residual files, folders, and registry entries to remove.
  3. Click Next to initiate the scan for leftovers. Follow the subsequent steps, which are similar to those for standard uninstallations.
Locating the Troublesome Program for Forced Uninstall
Locating the Troublesome Program for Forced Uninstall

The Forced Uninstall feature gives you greater control over the uninstallation process. In the next section, we’ll explore another versatile feature: Hunter Mode.

Exploring Hunter Mode

For even more flexibility, Revo Uninstaller offers Hunter Mode, a feature that allows you to uninstall programs directly from your desktop or File Explorer.

To activate Hunter Mode, select Hunter Mode from the left sidebar. The main interface will minimize, leaving a draggable icon on your screen.

Drag the Hunter Mode Icon over the program you wish to uninstall. Right-click to bring up a context menu and choose Uninstall. This triggers the Forced Uninstall feature.

Utilizing Hunter Mode for Uninstallation
Utilizing Hunter Mode for Uninstallation

Hunter Mode offers a quick and interactive way to uninstall programs. But Revo Uninstaller doesn’t stop there. Let’s delve into its capabilities for managing browser extensions.

Managing Browser Extensions

Extensions can be both a boon and a bane. While they add functionality to your web browsers, they can also affect performance. Revo Uninstaller helps you take control of your browser extensions.

Navigate to the Browser Extensions menu to view a list of extensions for each installed browser. To remove an extension, simply select it and click Remove.

Managing Browser Extensions
Managing Browser Extensions

With Revo Uninstaller, you have comprehensive control over not just Windows 10 applications but also your browser extensions.

Discovering Additional Features

Revo Uninstaller is more than just an uninstaller. It comes packed with other useful features for comprehensive system maintenance:

  • Startup Manager – Control which programs launch on system startup
  • System Cleanup – Remove unnecessary files and improve system performance
  • One-Click Access to Windows Tools – Centralized access to essential Windows utilities
  • Privacy Cleaner – Erase traces of your online and offline activities
  • Secure Deletion – Permanently delete sensitive files

These features can be accessed from the Tools section.

Navigating to Additional Features
Navigating to Additional Features

In the sections that follow, we’ll take a closer look at each of these additional features.

Optimizing Windows Startup

The Startup Manager lets you choose which programs to run at system startup, thereby optimizing boot time and system performance.

Simply select a program from the list and click Disable to prevent it from launching at startup.

Optimizing Windows Startup Programs
Optimizing Windows Startup Programs

Managing startup programs effectively can lead to a more responsive and faster system.

System Cleanup

Accumulated junk files can take up valuable disk space and slow down your system. The System Cleanup feature helps you reclaim that space and improve performance.

1. Select the drive you wish to scan for junk files.

2. Click Scan to initiate the process. The duration will depend on your system’s capabilities.

Initiating System Cleanup
Initiating System Cleanup

3. Once the scan is complete, you’ll see a list of junk files organized by location. Click Delete to remove these files and free up disk space.

Performing System Cleanup
Performing System Cleanup

By regularly performing system cleanups, you can maintain optimal performance and prolong the lifespan of your computer.


From uninstalling stubborn programs and managing browser extensions to optimizing system startup and performing thorough cleanups, Revo Uninstaller offers a comprehensive suite of tools for maintaining a clean and efficient system. For further details, consult the FAQs and Command Line Support pages.

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