A Great Digital Employee Experience Keeps Employees

Published:22 June 2022 - 1 min. read

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Full disclosure: This article was sponsored by 1E and written by Mohan Kumar.

Every Moment is a fresh beginning – T.S.Eliot

I still remember years ago when requesting to work from home for a few days to take care of my sick daughter was a daunting task. Getting approval was a complicated process. Peers used to pass comments such as “Are you working from home or “working” for home ?” Nowadays, working from home is the norm, and employees’ digital experience is important.

As of today, I haven’t gone into the office for a single day. Do I miss working from the office? Do you love spending hours stuck in traffic to and from the office every day? Probably not.

The good old days of providing snacks, and cookies are a thing of the past as a mere benefit. Organizations and employees need to collaborate virtually and encourage new tools and processes which redefine the working atmosphere.

As an employee, my priorities have changed; I prefer flexibility and time management without compromising personal and family aspirations. Organizations are monitoring these newfound preferences of employees closely. They are fine-tuning policies about how employees leverage tools to set up digital employee-friendly practices in order to retain, promote talent, and remain competitive in the industry.

1E is a company that seems to have seen this shift and is beginning to explore the employee digital experience (DEX). They’ve actually introduced an awards program that sets to award what they call ‘trailblazers’ who adapt to DEX policies through five key metrics namely monitoring, security and compliance, remediation, operating model, and integration.

Every employee probably has a story to share during these tough times. The DEX awards are a great way to recognize these trailblazers who have quietly adapted to the new working model and have transformed the organization with minimal disruption.

In this post-pandemic work model, digital employee experience is quintessential and every employee and organization should focus on practices and models that create modern career paths and drive closer to its vision.

I am a digital employee and excited to be part of this global trend! Are you and your team excited too? If so, why not join me and register for recognition as a #DEX pioneer too?

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