SolarWinds THWACKcamp Session on AIOps: Buzzword or Legit

Published:25 February 2022 - 1 min. read

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Is AIOps a marketing buzzword? Yep. But is there something actually backing up the hype? Yes! Let’s dive into the AIOps meaning and why you should care.

This post is kindly sponsored by SolarWinds and SolarWinds’ free tech pro 10th annual THWACKcamp event.

SolarWinds recently told me about their annual two-day event called THWACKcamp which brings together tech pros from all disciplines. This event gives us IT folks an excuse to learn and discuss best practices, productivity tips, and upcoming technologies in tech.

As I was looking over the agenda, I noticed a session that stood out; Karlo Zatylny’s The Future of AIOps. I’m a huge fan of automation and, in this lowly engineer’s opinion, AI is the next evolution of automation and I know a thing or two about the Ops.

Being ignorant to the AIOps term, I went down a rabbit hole to enlighten myself and discovered this is a session I’m definitely going to attend. Why? Because AIOps is “intelligent” automation!

Learning at THWACKcamp

Think about a time in your career when you’ve set up some kind of monitoring solution and had to manually set thresholds like CPU %, RAM usage, storage usage, etc. You probably set some random number and threshold and called it a day. I remember those days well. A few weeks later, some critical service goes down because of some anomaly you never even considered.

AIOps sets to change the manual process of if/then logic. It detects anomalies automatically, intelligent screens the signals from the noise, and allows IT pros to spot patterns in monitoring software.

The Future of AIOps session’s agenda looks promising and is set to feed my desire to create better systems and tooling around monitoring especially.

The future of AIOPs builds on the foundations of anomaly detection, event correlation, and topological relationships. This foundation, applied to the right data sets, tells AIOps-enabled systems how to find the root cause of outages and slowness and how to identify effective remediations. By learning solutions from other teams and replicating their actions, AIOps promises to help scale individuals and teams beyond their current levels. This session will explain the benefits of this movement and the how, what, and why the industry is moving in this direction.

If you’re available March 2nd – 3rd, 2022, be sure to register for THWACKcamp to check out the Future of AIOps session as well as the dozens of other quality sessions available!

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