Adam Bertram

Adam Bertram is a 20+ year veteran of IT and an experienced online business professional. He’s a consultant, Microsoft MVP, blogger, trainer, published author, and content marketer for multiple technology companies.

Getting Started with Git Bash Commands on Windows

Start your journey with Git and learn about Git Bash commands on Windows and run some basic commands on Git Bash terminal on Windows in this tutorial!

Understanding Bash If Else and other Conditional Statements

Discover the ins-and-outs of Bash If Else and Bash Case scripting in this example-driven tutorial by ATA Learning!

Top 10 Ways IT Pros Can Leverage ChatGPT Applications w/ Examples

Harness the power of ChatGPT applications. Discover 10 strategies tailored for IT professionals to harness AI's full potential.

Mastering Diskpart : Erase and Partition Volumes with Ease

Learn how to create partitions, create volumes, delete volumes and partitions and manage unallocated space with the Windows Diskpart utility.

How to Recall Email in Outlook: A Step-By-Step Guide to Undoing Mistakes

Learn how to recall Outlook email by understanding how Outlook recall works and how to implement it in this handy tutorial.

How to Execute PowerShell Azure Functions with HTTP Triggers

Learn how to execute and test Azure Functions in PowerShell via HTTP using both the Azure Portal and PowerShell’s Invoke-RestMethod cmdlet.

Building PowerShell Azure Functions with VS Code [Series]

Running PowerShell in Azure Functions gives your scripts infinite resources and flexibility. Learn how to cloudify your PowerShell scripts with Azure Functions!

Don’t be a Blockbuster. Embrace the Digital Employee

Don’t be a Blockbuster and get caught slacking with your digital employee experience.

Are you a Digital Employee Experience trailblazer?

Monitor and make your digital employee experience a priority ASAP

Keep Techies Happy with a Digital Employee Experience

Within the last two years, employees have spent a massive amount of time online and out of the office, while connected to colleagues. This pandemic-induced, abrupt change has brought about a new area organizations should pay close attention to; Digital Employee Experience (DEX).

A Great Digital Employee Experience Keeps Employees

Snacks and free drinks in the office aren’t enough. To keep remote, digital employees, you must have a new strategy.

SolarWinds THWACKcamp Session on AIOps: Buzzword or Legit

Is AIOps really a thing or is it just another marketing buzzword? Find out my thoughts and a little about the upcoming SolarWinds THWACKcamp session.

Autonomous Persona Management using 1E Tachyon’s PowerShell Toolkit

Learn how to manage thousands of endpoints with dynamic tagging capabilities with 1E’s Tachon.

How to Up Your PowerShell Game with 1E Tachyon

Learn how to build a PowerShell script to check for webserver response time and clear remote PC DNS caches using 1E’s Tachyon.

Getting Started with 1E’s Tachyon and PowerShell

Wrangle your endpoints with 1E’s Tachyon product and PowerShell in this in-depth tutorial!

Exploring Processes and Applications with 1E Tachyon

Learn to use the PowerShell and Tachyon integration to solve a specific use-case scenario.

Finding PowerShell Last Logon by User Logon Event ID

Learn how to build a user activity PowerShell script that will pull information from the Windows event log for a local computer.

How to Find Locked Out Users in Active Directory with PowerShell

See what we can do to find locked out users in Active Directory with PowerShell!

Learn With Me: Specops – User Verification with Secure Service Desk

Secure Service Desk is a tool specifically built to quickly and securely identify an individual to get to what's important; helping users be more productive.

The Ultimate Guide to Procmon

Learn everything there is to know about using the Procmon utility from installing, basic usage all the way to various use cases that will help you track down all kinds of activity.