Nick Rimmer

Nick is an entrepreneur and an IT Professional whose career has spanned over 30 years in IT. In that time, Nick likes to learn new technologies and, more recently, passing on his knowledge through writing articles.

Upping the Automation Ante with PowerShell Universal

Learn how to up the ante with PowerShell Universal by IronMan Software via the latest Product Review by ATA and Friends!

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Learn how to ditch building complex ARM templates and use Azure Bicep to make building infrastructure in Azure!

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In this tutorial, learn how to kill a Windows process using native utilities, third-party utilities, and PowerShell!

How to Failover an Azure Site Recovery Snapshot (Step by Step)

Learn how to perform a test failover and then progress to create azure site recovery with a two-stage failover and finally execute that plan for real.

Setting up an Azure Disaster Recovery Plan with Azure Site Recovery

Learn how to set up an Azure disaster recovery plan using Azure Site Recovery in this step-by-step, in depth tutorial!

Getting Started with the Azure Cloud Shell

Looking for browser-accessible shell to manage your Azure resources? This tutorial will get you started with Azure Cloud Shell!

Utilizing PowerShell and Windows Command Prompt to Create File

If you need to use the Windows command prompt to create a file, look no further. Learn how to create text files with the command prompt and PowerShell!

How to Move a Hyper-V VM to Azure with Azure Migrate [Guide]

Learn, step-by-step how to move an on-prem Hyper-V VM to Azure with the Azure Migrate tool in this handy guide!

How to Prep a Hyper-V VM with the Azure Migration Assessment Tool

Learn how to use the Azure Migration Assessment Tool to prep a Hyper-V VM to migrate to Azure in this step-by-step guide.

Getting Started with the Azure CLI

The Azure CLI can make managing Azure resources a breeze. Here's how to get started from scratch and start being productive.

How to Install Azure CLI (Windows, Linux, macOS, Azure Shell)

Learn how to install the Azure CLI on any operating system you have including how to get started using it in the Azure Shell!

Netsh Winsock Reset Command (In 2021) : A Complete Guide

Perform a Winsock Reset with the netsh winsock reset command and TCP/IP reset with the netsh int ip reset command to fix common network problems!