Faris Malaeb

Faris is an enterprise architect, Consultant, Certified Trainer, and blogger, Faris Malaeb started in the computer field in the early 2000 and get certified with MCSE 2003, Messenging 2003, MCTS Exchange 2007, MCITP, MCSA 2012, M365 Messaging, and more. Faris believes in sharing knowledge is an essential key for progressing and learning for everyone, with the more the technology is getting the more help and contribution need, so I deiced to be part of this community and provide the knowledge of what I know or have through my blog www.powershellcenter.com. I am, also contributing in Powershell Techcommunity forums on Microsoft https://techcommunity.microsoft.com/t5/powershell/ct-p/WindowsPowerShell And in 2015, I had a contribution with Amazon on Using Windows Storage Space and ISCSI on Amazon EBS https://d0.awsstatic.com/whitepapers/using-windows-storage-spaces-and-iscsi-on-amazon-ebs.pdf. I enjoy scripting mainly Powershell, as and since working with Powershell I understand what is the “Sky is not the limit” mean, I wrote a lot of scripts which made my work way easier and now a day I am writing and publishing more script to the public so everyone can feel and enjoy the power of Powershell.

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