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Information Security

Information Security Resources
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Specops Password Auditor

Free scans your Active Directory environment for password-related vulnerabilities while producing an actionable report. This tool finds blank or shared passwords to those that have been breached. Why spend time crafting a custom tool when Specops Password Auditor Free does the hard work quickly and easily!

Specops uReset

Specops uReset empowers users to take control of their own password management, including Active Directory self-service password resets, changes, and account lockouts.

Specops Secure Service Desk

Securely verify service desk callers with the Specops Secure Service Desk. Enforce secure user verification and take positive control over social engineering vulnerabilities and verify password reset requests.

Specops Password Policy

Enforcing complex compliance requirements, blocking compromised passwords, and ensuring strong passwords exist for each user in Active Directory (AD) is possible with Specops Password Policy. Extend Group Policy to simplify the management of AD password policies.

Specops Active Directory Janitor

Stale computer and user objects can quickly overwhelm even the smallest Active Directory environments. Avoid the security risk that orphaned and unused accounts harbor and leverage Specops Active Directory Janitor to make quick work of cleaning up your environment.


Enzoic for Active Directory

Enzoic for Active Directory is a powerful tool that can help organizations ensure their Active Directory passwords are secure. With Enzoic, you can easily identify and block weak and compromised passwords, reducing the risk of unauthorized access and data breaches.


Automation Resources


Automate nearly every aspect of your environment using a comprehensive client studio built without volume limitations. Run complex workflows from different sources and integrate countless APIs for a seamless transformation and flow of data!


Communications Resources


Remotely run meetings and conduct business with 3CX PBX. With cloud deployment or on-premise installations available, the management of a distributed workforce is easy and secure. Video conferencing, presentation tools, and Android and iPhone applications to make remote PBX quick and easy!


Networking Resources


Look no further than Auvik as a single platform to aid in network discovery, monitoring, and management. Auvik is a cloud-based network management platform. With only a browser, you can view the entirety of your network. Discover performance issues with real-time bandwidth usage and device utilization, act on issues with helpdesk-integrated alerting, and dive deep into device configurations with automated backups and configuration difference checking.

PingPlotter Cloud

PingPlotter Cloud

Troubleshooting network connections, especially on end-user systems, is one of the most challenging aspects of solving connection issues. PingPlotter Cloud offers a variety of useful tools, that are easy to use and work well to quickly pull information on an end-user device. Help your users today to discover and solve networking problems today with PingPlotter Cloud!

IT Operations

IT Operations Resources


Passwork offers a self-hosted solution with a breadth of features intended to make your organization’s password management easier. Keep passwords centralized in a solution designed to integrate with your existing systems through LDAP, such as Active Directory (AD), or single sign-on (SSO) solutions such as a SAML provider. Passwork offers role-based access, personal and shared password vaults, and temporary password sharing to combine and solve the problem of the password spreadsheet.



Visibility into your organization’s endpoints, especially with an increasingly distributed workforce, is critical to ensuring both security and productivity. Though many solutions exist to extract and report on those endpoints, few solutions offer ease of deployment and in-depth data collection. Enter uberAgent, a user experience and security analytics product that claims ease of setup while reporting on a wealth of endpoint information.

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