Deborah Emeni

I am a Software Developer focused on web development and I use Javascript, nodejs, express, mongodb, react technologies and interested in DevOps. I love and enjoy writing articles on technical topics such as: nodejs, reactjs, devops and more related technical topics.

How to Use whereis to Locate System Commands on Linux

Learn how to locate Linux system commands with this ATA Learning tutorial on the whereis utility through examples!

Why is Terraform in DevOps Popular?

In the DevOps world, Terraform's infrastructure as code approach is the preferred method. Learn why and get a simple demo in this handy article!

Hyper-V PowerShell module : Getting More Things Done

If you are a newbie and you desire to learn what Hyper-V is, what it is used for, and how to manage Virtual Machines with Hyper-V and with Hyper-V PowerShell Commands, then this article is for you.