Michael Nguyen Tu

Getting Started with AWS Load Balancer

AWS load balancer is essential to manage traffic to your application. This article will teach you how to set up an AWS load balancer in a few simple steps.

Getting Started with the doctl DigitalOcean CLI

Learn to use the doctl DigitalOcean CLI with this ATA Learning tutorial. Whether a beginner or an expert, this guide helps get you on your way!

How to Set Up & Use EC2 Instance Connect

Learn how to set up and use EC2 Instance Connect, a secure and convenient way to access your EC2 instances using SSH without requiring a bastion host or VPN.

How to Set up AWS Multi-Factor Authentication (AWS MFA)

Learn how to set up AWS Multi-Factor Authentication (AWS MFA) to secure your AWS account with an additional form of authentication beyond your password.

Getting Started with EC2 Metadata and User Data

This article provides an introduction to using EC2 metadata and user data. Learn how to use these features to customize and automate EC2 instances!

Leverage AWS STS Assume Role Privileges to Manage AWS

Use AWS Security Token Service (STS) to securely manage AWS resources. With AWS STS Assume Role abilities, make account management secure and easy!

How to Install & Download Filezilla for Windows

Learn how to quickly and securely download Filezilla for Windows. Get the most out of your FTP client with the latest version.

Learn The Many Ways How to Mount a Drive in Ubuntu

Learn how to mount a drive in Ubuntu and make sure you can access everything you need. Learn the many ways in this ATA Learning tutorial!

How to Host A Website on AWS EC2

Discover the ins-and-outs of how to host a website on AWS EC2 and utilize this time-tested platform for hosting your web applications!

Streamline Your AWS Management with the AWS CLI Mac Client

Take control of your AWS environment and streamline management through the use of the AWS CLI Mac client in this ATA Learning tutorial!

Effortlessly Use Ubuntu Boot Repair to Fix Startup Issues

Save the day and use the Ubuntu Boot Repair tool to get back to work from a broken system, learn how in this ATA Learning tutorial!

A Comprehensive Guide to Ubuntu Disk Space Management

A step-by-step guide to managing Ubuntu disk space, including tips for organizing files, checking disk space usage, and troubleshooting disk issues.

Learn the Ins-and-Outs of AWS Placement Groups

Get up to speed on optimizing your workloads with AWS Placement Groups for improved performance, cost savings, and better availability.

Unlock the Power of These grep Equivalents in Windows

Discover the powerful utility of grep equivalents in Windows and how they can help you streamline your workflow in this ATA Learning tutorial!

Power Up Your Command Line Skills with These sed Examples

Learn to use practical sed examples via this command line utility for more powerful shell scripting in this ATA Learning tutorial!

Learn How to Create & Manage VPS DigitalOcean VMs

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Getting Started with AWS Lambda CLI

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How to Install PostgreSQL on Mac

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Getting Started with AWS Lambda Environment Variables

Learn through examples how to use AWS Lambda environment variables and create robust serverless code in this ATA Learning tutorial!

Learn to Create a USB LiveCD with Unetbootin Linux

Learn how to make the job of creating a USB LiveCD easier with the Unetbootin Linux application in this ATA Learning tutorial!